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Proofreading for books, documents, websites, brochures.. and much more

I am a qualified freelance proof reader and copy editor with an eye for detail, specialising in fiction, documents, leaflets, websites, brochures and blogs, however, I will turn my hand to pretty much anything that needs it.
I offer proofreading and copy editing services to any company or individual who can’t face the thought of proofreading their own work; or just needs a second pair of experienced eyes cast over their work prior to publication. 

Emma Nutt |Proof Reader: a bit about me

I am degree level qualified and have held several senior secretarial/PA positions throughout my career at a range of companies. I am now a self employed proof reader. Why proof reading? – well, a mother of one of my friends is a budding author and on reading her first published work I noticed several mistakes. She admitted she didn’t have a proof reader – and that sparked my interest in the subject. So, having taken several professional level proofreading courses and examinations with the College of Editing and Proofreading and the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading I am now a qualified proof reader, and member of CIEP. My first paid job was to proof read my friends mothers latest novel!

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How does my proof reading service work? Well, I try to make it as simple, open and straightforward as possible. My fees are listed on this website, so your costs are understood before we start. How do you “test” my work? Very simply; just use the form below to paste a representative section of your work and I will get back to you with a marked up version. (Maximum 500 words)

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